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TESTWe’ve worked with hundreds of baby and kids brands helping many go from start up to multi-million dollar companies. We discovered how these brands reached super success:

  1. Beautiful Lifestyle Photos (kids wearing/using their products)
  2. Word-of-Mouth Sales (parents telling other parents)

SnapTOT ™ is the fastest and most affordable way for a brand to get huge exposure and sales. We connect parents with tots to companies that will send free product in exchange for photos – and guess what? SnapTOT™ also pays parents, too!

How it Works

Browse & Book Tots You Want to Work With

Receive beautiful lifestyle photos.

Social Sharing, ViralGIVEAWAY, Email List, & Sales!

Tot Shop Member Levels:


These are our newest tot members and are 10 credits per booking (companies receive 10+ lifestyle photos per booking)

Hot Tots

These tots have completed at least 10 bookings through SnapTOT ™ and are 25 credits per booking (10+ photos per booking)


Our VIP tots are 50 credits per booking have parents that have two or more of the following:

  • 20k+ Instagram or Facebook Followers
  • 250 completed SnapTOT™ Bookings
  • A blog with 20k+ subscribers
  • Are a Professional Photographer
50 credits
1 to 5 Tot Bookings
10 to 50 lifestyle Photos

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