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How it Works for Companies

SnapTOT™ is the easiest and most affordable way to get beautiful lifestyle photos of kids wearing or using your product (moms too!).

Take a peek at our gallery here to see some of our photos:

How it Works (in-studio lifestyle photoshoot with models):

STEP 1: Request a Quote

We offer three types of photographs: Lifestyle Photoshoot with models in-studio, Product only photoshoot in-studio, and fan photos taken at home by our mom network. You can see a comparison here. Complete the online form on that page to get your photoshoot quote.

STEP 2: Review Preferences

We will carefully review your model and photo preferences and let you know if we have any questions. We follow instructions well and are meticulous.

STEP 3: Ship Product Sample(s)

We will provide you with our studio address to ship the samples to.

STEP 4: Casting Call

We will do a casting call for your models and will choose the best ones for the shoot.

STEP 5: Confirm Models

We will send you the recommended models to confirm.

STEP 6: Photoshoot

We will send you our Photoshoot Creatives PDF that has all the ideas for what shots we want to take, what background, what props or accessories, what color clothing and outfits the models with wear, etc.

We will schedule your model(s) to come into the studio and take gorgeous photos.

STEP 7: Photo Editing

We will edit all your photos so they look perfect.

STEP 8: Send Your Photos

We will send your photos – this is the exciting part!

Tell us more about your products and get a custom quote today. We often book 30 days in advance sometimes more because our photos are so high-quality, yet affordably priced.