How It Works – Companies

How it Works for Company Members

SnapTOT™ creates an army of moms sharing your product(s) and moms telling other moms what they like is the single most effective way to create HIGH VOLUME B2C VIRAL SALES. Each month get beautiful lifestyle photos, grow your email list, drive sales, and finally win the B2C Online Sales Battle.

Here’s how it works:

Browse & Book:

Look through our password protected Tot Shop and book tots as easy as online shopping!  We have three levels of tot models: Trailblazer – 10 credits, Hot Tots – 25 credits, and VIP – 50 credits.

Ship Sample:
Send your product to the tot parent so they can take beautiful photographs of their child wearing/using your product. (Many members are professional photographers and mega mom bloggers, but we provide special training to all members on how to take gorgeous photos.)

The parent also receives a product info sheet with special instructions if any.

Receive Lifestyle Photos:
Receive 10 or more high resolution lifestyle photos per booking.  You will approve the photos and may be rejected for things like blurriness, poor lighting or product used incorrectly. SnapTOT™ has a proofing process before the photos are sent to you.

Social Sharing + ViralGIVEAWAY™:
Here’s the powerful part of SnapTOT. Once photos from a booking are approved, the tot parent shares on social media with a pre-approved marketing message, tag of your brand, a link to your viralGIVEAWAY™ (a deal code can be unlocked once they enter – optional but recommended to track how many sales SnapTOT helps generate), and a link to buy. The buy now link goes to your online store or a preferred online retailer if you do not have an online store.

COOL PART – even if you work with 10 tot models in one month, they all share the SAME ViralGIVEAWAY™!  So you are only giving away one prize item to one winner each month or  a winner plus a friend works very well (2 prizes a month).

Reward for Referrals:
Once people enter the giveaway, the get a secret reward – a bonus giveaway to win a $500 SnapTOT™ Shopping Spree and get 100 extra chances to win — to unlock these rewards, they just have to get two friends to enter your giveaway. There are easy click social, email and Facebook Messenger share buttons to share right then with friends and we pre-polulate the share message and graphic so now you have thousands of people sharing the exact message you want about your brand. We manage everything for you using our special software – no work for you!

High Volume Viral Sales: 
SnapTOT™ is word-of-mouth marketing that grows like a web infinitely – one person enters and gets two friends to enter, each of those two friends get two friends to enter, and it keeps growing and expanding. The best way to sell your products, is to have an army of moms promoting them!

MEGA Email List:
We send you the email list from your ViralGIVEAWAY™ each month to grow your marketing list. These are your emails and are never shared with another company.

Instagram-Style Shop – You Keep 100% of the Sale:
As a Premium Member, we take the best photo from each of your bookings and add it to our online Instagram-style shop.  Shoppers can click on any photo they like and a page opens with your product details, link to enter the giveaway, deal code offer if you choose, and link to buy (linked to your shop or one of your retailers directly – you keep 100% of the sale).

We also add your SnapTOT pix to our magazine called, “SNAP!” driving sales from there (distributed to over 500k parents and growing).

Website Traffic:
Your ViralGIVEAWAY™ entry page can be on your website so you get all the traffic!

Social Media Engagement:
Parents sharing their SnapTOT™ photos is the single best, organic marketing you can get.  Your army of moms will help you win the B2C online sales battle and help you get ahead of the competition. Plus, the ViralGIVEAWAY™ motivates likes/comments + gets you new followers.

Directory with Messaging:
As a Premium Member, your company is added to the SnapTOT directory. Our Tot members can browse companies and send a chat message indicating they would love to work with you. You have the ultimate choice of who you want to book.