Our Story

Hi, my name is Tasha and I am a mom to a beautiful baby boy – well, he’s not so much a baby anymore…he just turned two!
My husband and I have been blessed with being able to work from home and raise our son. We have worked for almost a decade doing web design, PR and marketing for baby & kids brands. We love what we do and have helped many companies go from start-ups to multi-million dollar brands.

The Law of Attraction…

To understand the full story of how SnapTOT™ came about, I must share that I’m a big believer of “The Secret” based on the Law of Attraction.  Each morning when I go through my gratitude list while brushing my teeth, I say as one of the things I am grateful for, “I’m so grateful to make a positive impact and create huge abundance in people’s lives.”  I’ve always been a giver by nature and true believer that doing good for others will create good in my own life.


One night my husband and I watched the movie, Founder, with Michael Keaton. It’s the story about McDonald’s Corporation and boy is it a good movie (even though we have not eaten McDonald’s for over a decade)!   I don’t believe in taking other people’s ideas, but the other parts of the movie about Keaton’s character having a dream, a vision, and making it all come true is what I loved about it.

It was so inspiring and afterwards I said, “I want to create a company like McDonald’s! A company that provides jobs to moms and dads all over the country…and who knows – maybe all over the globe.” And specifically, I really wanted to create opportunities for parents to work from home and be with their kids – or have an opportunity to make additional income.

Within a week during nap time when the house was quiet, I had an idea that came to me. The Law of Attraction was kicking in.

I knew from working with hundreds of kids brands over the years that the very successful companies have two things in common:

  1. First, they have beautiful lifestyle photographs of kids wearing/using their products.
  2. Second, they get sales by word-of-mouth marketing – parents telling other parents.

My Ah-Ha Moment…


I remember seeing such beautiful photographs taken by my friend, Vania, of her handsome son (shown in the photo) and also seeing beautiful photos parents took and shared on Instagram. One of my favorites is mom, Emily Speir!  Just look at her gorgeous photos here. So why not have parents and bloggers take photos of their kids wearing/using baby & kids products in exchange for a free sample?

Then I thought, we should pay parents too so there’s even more motivation!

After this, I got really excited.

I wanted to take SnapTOT™ a step further and incorporate viral giveaways, deal codes, and an online shop. So now, companies get beautiful photos, but also they get word-of-mouth marketing to drive HIGH VOLUME VIRAL SALES.

When a parent completes a booking (meaning they have taken at least 10 high end lifestyle photos of their child using or wearing the product), they share their SnapTOT™ photos on Instagram and Facebook with a giveaway link so their friends can have a chance to win the product in the photo.

We use our unique ViralGIVEAWAY™ software and strategy so there’s no work involved for the company member – and it’s a “one giveaway for all” strategy that saves companies money too.

After this I thought to have different levels of Tot Members with an easy purchase credit system for our company members.

Then I thought, why not have a magazine too since we already own/run one of the fastest growing parenting magazines, BIBB Magazine. The magazine is called SNAP! Mag and will feature the top photos from SnapTOT™ 4x a year like a virtual fashion show!

Add in some more ideas and refinement along with my husband developing a custom website and teaching myself video software to create two videos on my own + many late nights working and…viola!

With A LOT of hard work, SnapTOT™ is here! Helping parents earn money and work from home or having an extra income source, is the best gift we can give any family.

We are so excited about this new venture and my husband and I want to thank you so much for reading our story.

Take a look at the SnapTOT™ Mission HERE – we are much more than adorable kids in photos.

Dream BIG…Be KIND…and SMILE.