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Hi, welcome to SnapTOT!

Do you love taking photos of your tot?  Now you can earn money and get free products just for taking pics! SnapTOT™ connects parents with tots to companies that will send free product in exchange for photos – and guess what?  SnapTOT™ also pays parents, too!

How it Works

Snap photos of your tot using/wearing free products you receive in the mail.

Share on social media with a giveaway link so your friends can win!

Get paid $$$!

Membership Levels (all are FREE!):


You start as a Trailblazer (unless you qualify for the VIP level). The first 10 bookings you receive free products. A completed booking means you sent 10 quality photos to the company. SnapTOT™ will guide you on how to take amazing photos!

Hot Tots

Once you have completed 10 SnapTOT™ bookings, you are bumped up to the Hot Tots level where you receive free product PLUS $25 per booking!  To give you an idea of how much cash you can earn…If you take just 20 photos a day, in a month that is $1400, take 50 photos a day, that’s $3500 a month.


Once you have completed 250 SnapTOT™ bookings OR you have two or more of these VIP qualifiers, you are bumped up to the VIP level and earn $50 per booking plus free products. So 20 photos a day would be $2800 a month and 50 photos a day would be $7,000 a month.

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